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Price for being Geeky! =) [Selfwritten]

Being geek is a thing, but paying for it is a humorously distinct feat!
I bought a Nokia 5233 few days ago, 20th march to be precise. But trust me since then I used it for a day or two only. It was actually with the Care center for all these days, that too four distinct ones for varied durations. If I tell you the reason why, then you people may wanna kill me! Though its not making pigs fly kinda thing to explain, but the problem was hell technical & that too like most people might not even notice. It was a programming inconsistency in the OS of the phone, that whenever one inputs a phrase twice into the phones memory via the security center, then the auto-rotate motion display toggle freezes! ... Woosh! Told ya, it's not that interesting to know! LOL. Okay leave the details (Although curious folks may contact me! ;-D). This was a pain of my ass to make the engineers actually swallow the problem down their throats. Still it remained unsolved & I had to accept the phone as such in the end. I really sometimes surprise myself of my geeky activities! As in all these days I really did a hell of things with Nokia. I almost made to blew off the job of one engineer at the noida's nokia care. Made nokia head over heels for addressing my issue(Ofcourse the 'consumer court threat' thingy did well.. hehe).Though an issue is an issue may be small or big, when you pay for it, you want each bite of it! But such things must not be pushed off limits in such a way... well I'll be more kind & less geeky in future (at least I can hope that!).. That was the story. I am heading to sleep now. Astalavista!

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