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Risking my a** !! [Selfwritten]

Like nowadays, today also I was on my way to Noida on my Pulsar 150 early in the morning. Though there is not much traffic in these hot days, but even if it is, then too the flow of traffic is pretty smooth & thus no jams. These days my industrial training is going on, that I am doing at an institute in Noida. It's around 20 kms far from my home, & about half an hour is enough for me to reach there in a breeze. (Yeah with an average speed of 60kmph that's possible! :-D)

It was around 9 in the morning today, there is a sharp turn that comes on my way, the path itself is bad enough with pitholes, dumps etc. Even stray cattle roam freely at the Ghazipur highway, LOL... fucking amusement.. common on Indian roads. On the way even heavy vehicles like trucks & buses pass from the same road. The road could be hardly 30-40 feets wide & fuck its two way! Though these things are not a problem for me now, as I am used to it now, & I even enjoy riding on this road! ;-)

So we were at that sharp turn, okay let's continue. As soon as I took the sharp, blind left turn on that 30-40 feet wide two-way road, there were three buses back to back in front of me, going in the same direction. Middle one was a private bus & following it & before were the green DTC low floor buses. My speed was very less & much under control for these kind of turns. A particular thing that I heard someone saying regarding these green buses, that the buses are so silent that you are not able to notice when they have come close behind you (specially if you are on a two-wheeler, then this can shake your a**!),is totally agreed by me! This is due to the fact that the engine of these green, low-floor buses is at the rear side of the bus, so if these are close to your a** then you might not be able to judge by the sound alone, only the rear view mirror helps. One other particular issue faced by two-wheeler riders (not drivers hehe!) due to these green monsters is that as the engine of them is behind, so a lot of heat is emitted from the back side. The rider in front of a two-wheeler can easily get roasted in the heat! ;-D I was in that particular situation today, as after wisely taking the left turn I maneuvered my way overtaking the two buses quickly, but the front green monster was just in front of me.. & I was stuck.. getting roasted due to heat & anger! Also only after few meters taking that left turn is a nasty speed breaker (or speed f**ker if I call!) that is very well known to me (dude I am travelling that path for past 4 months!), but even then I don't know what made me act as such, or the roasting heat fried my mind, whatever, I foolishly tried to overtake the front bus. Although the road ahead was clear & I found it comfortable to twist the throttle & overtake the green monster in a split of time! But in that planning I forgot about that killer speed-breaker, forget remembering,I not even cared to notice the road ahead of me! As at any point in riding one must remain focused on two things- traffic ahead & the road. And on Indian paths 'road' needs to be taken care of! As I earlier mentioned my bike is pulsar 150, with a good pickup, 60kmph in roughly 5 secs, As I tried to zap my way ahead of the green monster( which I managed successfully) in a fraction of time, I accelerated blazingly from 20-30 kmph to 40-50kmph, really this all was done in just a few seconds, as I even needed to overtake that green monster! I zapped... overtaken successfully... speed shooted up... and suddenly...... boom... came that bastard, son of a b**ch, speed breaker! Now picture this in mind- You are riding at around 40-50kmph, In front you are seeing speed breaker that is just 2-3 feets away!, beside you is the green monster (the DTC bus ofcourse! :-D)... What would you do to save your a**???... Even I can't explain in words how I managed the situation, as this is the subconscious mind of yours that acts quickly & naturally in such situation owing to how much have you trained your self with riding & how quick is your reaction time. In simple words I maneuvered & managed to curb my speed much, to have some control, with both rear & front disk brake, without toppling. I managed to cut my speed to about half, but had a small skid in the rear wheel & the speed breaker came under at the same time that made the bike kind of wobble!..(like my shaking heart :-D) It was like those bull riding scenes in which the performer controls the mad bull, riding on it. I some how retained my balance, avoided collision with the beside green monster & few two wheelers scattered here & there. And ultimately was in control of my bull & made it calm. I literally touched my forehead & thanked the lord after I finally passed that place riding safe!

My advice- Folks remain focused on the traffic ahead & equally importantly the path while riding (or driving), & be safe!

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