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27th-Jul'09 - A lovely day in CP !! [Selfwritten]

Today I woke up as usual normally at about 8.30 AM. I started lazily, had breakfast & opened my laptop. After about an hour I started TV & watched watever! At 1 "O" Clock Manish called up. Manish is a very good friend of mine. An old friend from school. He is really a good fellow, a gem of a person! I was planning a haircut, so I thought lets get it done today! I went for his home, though only 10minutes away, still took me 25 minutes(due to a very big traffic jam)! Not a very good start of the day. Lol. Also it was very hot TILL THAT TIME!
I had the haircut then went to his home. Then all of a sudden we decided for going to Cannaught Place(CP). CP is a very cool place to hang out in Delhi! I really love the place! The food, people & stuff are great here. It's an ideal place for shoppers!
Here is the local map of CP in Delhi-

AT CP the first requirement was to have some drinks!
We searched for CP and found a very descent Restaurant cum lounge called "Mirchi"!
I sincerely recommend you people please go there! It's really a very nice place with a lovely environment & a much lovelier waitresses lol!!
Seriously the environment of shower side wooden seats with cool breeze of fresh air & a well air conditioned climate! It was great! This is an ideal place for family outing or friends hangout or maybe even corporate get-together!
Well this time me & my friend Manish were chilling out!
We called for an waiter asked for menu. Honestly it was costly for us, but as we wanted only a drink, so we ordered only a bottle of beer. It was about thrice of it's normal price, but the rate was worth it! I was gazing at the shining beer being poured in my glass so prefectly! & both of our mouths were watering! At first we thought it won't matter at all to have only 1 glass of Kingfisher Strong, yeah that was the brand!,as we could have 2 bottles of it easily! but we were terribly wrong!...
We enjoyed our drinks, had a great time! Chit chatted. And when we left... Yeah when we stand up.. I realised that Manish was right that the beer is a bit strong! It worked dude, only a glass of it!, & we were spinning in joy!
Here are the picks of Mirchi, thanks to that waiter!-

After that our next plan was to eat something good... preferably non-veg!
Now if you are wondering about a good non-veg restaurant with lots of variety & an Indian touch! then KFC is not the place. Very near to "Mirchi" in PVR Plaza, is a place in CP called "Nizam" this is a place you should try! Go for it! I recommend it more than KFC! Although both may not be compared.. as KFC has a different style!
We had a LOT, really a whole lots of food at "Nizam's Kathi Kabab". It took around 700 to 800 bucks of Indian money! But the food is very economical, tasty & unique! These were the things we had in a single day!!-
1. Mutton seekh kabab
2. Mutton Biryani
3. A double chicken- double egg roll
4. One Keema kaleji kalimirchi with rumali rotees.

Trust me the food was finger eating tasty! We enjoyed a lot! It was a great & lovely time. We were filled till our neck! But the thirst of "Mirchi's" special beer was recollecting! We both wanted some more good beer @ Mirchi but we already had a lot of food! So we decided to just walk around in cp for few minutes before we go again to Mirchi! In this mean time we were unaware of the arrival of the very awaited Mr.Monsoon! The climate was really cloudy, cool & awesome with a little droplets since evening! & to roam in CP in such great weather, with ofcourse all good chicks hanging around!, was breath taking! We clicked some pics while roaming-

Then we went for "Mirchi" to have one more beer! This time sadly kingfisher was not available & a brand called "Sand piper" was there. We thought scottish beers are good & went for it but dude stay away from that brand!... It's a pure mineral water! lol!
By now it started raining heavily! The rain was continuing since evening. Even at the time we left for cp. But it was not that heavy till then! This rain did'nt stopped & went more & more heavy!.. that we were not expecting!! So we stayed there for longer chilling, enjoying having Ice- creams!, Yeah we had ice-creams too in such heavy rains!!
At the end we managed to went near Manish's home via metro. But then without any vehicles availibility.. we went on foot for about 5 minutes in heavy rains!!
It was fun walking in rain in such cool weather! Although a bit tired, we were troubled by the rains too.
Then my buddy Manish dropped me to home by his car. Thank god we had a car,else there was no vehicle's avail & the rains were really heavy!!

Overall a truly great day!!! We enjoyed a lot!..Yeah a LOT!!
& thus it worths blogging!! :)

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