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My poem titled- "Voice of reflection" [Selfwritten]

“Voice of reflection”

•I have been sleeping so long
Singing in dream a melancholic song
Then a sound interrupted me
As if a sunshine touched me
And I woke up to see what’s wrong

•Still hazy I was confused
To recollect myself, my mind refused
Then struggling I woke up
But what I saw, lost my gulp
At the front mirror my eyes mired

•I saw my reflection, but antic was the feel
He looked in my eyes, with enquiring zeal
As if Asking- Have you ever thought of me?
Countless times I’ve been afore thee
But never let my grievance reveal

•What’s mirror image to you, for me
Is a real world, where I live & spree
My world is an image of yours
Full of hatred, anguish & tears
I could elucidate your world better than thee!

•Whenever you feel fading
You come here and start gazing
You look at me, trying to learn yourself
But for me you are amusing to laugh
Like a candle your heart seems melting

•You need to pay attention
Look what has been your creation
Your world is full of jealousy & anger
It is plentiful of hunger
Like a volcano waiting for eruption

•Love has lost its soul
Greed is everybody’s goal
Selfishness is easy to find
Least good things you remind
With all the emptiness you feel whole!

•I have been watching it all
All your deeds big or small
Always waiting for your observation
I am the voice of your reflection,
Always with you with your rise & fall!


Poetic Devices:
Out of the numerous poetic devices I have used for this poem, you might have first noticed the rhyme scheme ie AABBA & the variation of "Dramatic Monologue" in it. Happy reading. :)


  1. ur gmail account thing is not of much use. people have accounts for free and they dont have any time to lookout on these things with so much effort. rest of ur blogs are also of same category not for much use. the knowledge too is not of much significance. u said here would be latest breakthroughs in technologies, nopes there aren't, intead they are older versions. ur poems are good, but bro techno stuff is outdated.

  2. Well dude thanks for comment...
    Would update tech section soon...
    Any ways gmail post is a new thing to majority of folks.Might be free service...but is interesting to note. And many use full stuff might not matter you but is not useless.still I am a 15 day old blogger LOL would perfectionise!!

    And yeah thanks for poems. :)


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