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Have you thought about it... [Selfwritten]

“SHOUTING Silence!!”

•If I had voice, I would have shouted my anguish loud.

If I had legs, I would have run away!
Living like a zombie, my soul yearns to breath.
Trapped inside this vicious darkness, I could’nt see a single ray!

•Nobody is solicitous for me, neither anyone cares.
Living in absolute solitude, even my shadow feels so strange.
Inside I cry a lot, but my tears are always ignored.
Engulfed in this monotony of life, I die for a change.

•I am with everyone, but nobody is for me!
I care for everyone, but nobody cares for me!
I am just as good & helpful as I could be,
But never they appreciate my endearment, never they try to see.

•People always hesitate from me, rarely they wish to speak.
Never they speak their heart, never do they try to see.
Even when I am willing to abet as much as I can.
They don’t care for my assistance, and just wish to flee.

•Always this happens, as has been happening.
Even when they are so cold, & are never concerned for me.
I trust everyone, even though the trust for them is so cheap!
I forgive you always, and for your help, always I come to thee.

•Ha! Why I talk my grievance to you?
Why do I speak, I should’nt let my emotions flow,
And should’nt try to seek trust & affection in thee!
As like everyone, you too don’t know me, & again I feel so low!

•Now have some shame & try to recognize me!
Always with you, I am your ‘Ability’ my dear, who cares about you!
You seek rarely, but I am ready to succour you!
So when you are hazy or feel low, just please my dear let me help you!!

- Akshat.


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