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While I was busy spending some time today on Orkut I found some eye opening communities that were spreading all bulshit about India. These were all Pakistan based communities & there could exist a plenty number of many more such craps on Orkut. Though it's not at all a fault of Orkut! But there must be some safety measures in Google to detect such anti-social groups & prevent them from creating such communities. These are only a few links that I found, there could be a lot more too! Now you must be wondering, why have I posted a blog on it?

I only ask you to do a simple thing as an responsible Indian!!
You just visit these communities, see your self how pathetic, anti-social & anti-India they are and just notify Google of this by clicking 'Report Abuse'
for each one of them, or any such community/profile you encounter on Orkut in Future!
Atleast that would prevent these nuisances from Orkut, a largely popular social networking site in India!










An Article From Web-
New Delhi, Jan.7 (ANI): Some Pakistani individuals, who are on the prowl to hack important websites and misuse them by giving it Islamic or Pakistani colour, have targeted Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's famous community group on Orkut, the social networking site.

The community group holds significance for the orkut members, as it is probably the biggest platform for the young fans of former President A.P.J Abdul Kalam. And, the most of the members of this community write in it with deep affection and respect for their ideal in life. There are 207,249 members in this group.

The hackers have renamed the community originally named "Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam" as "Indian" and now using it as a platform for malicious and objectionable content.

The main profile page now reads: "We, the people of India, apologizes to our Pakistani brothers and ISI for barbaric acts of terrorism like Mumbi and Gujrat and many more which were originated and carried out by few citizens of India and supported by government of India. We condemn such acts to fullest."

The new moderators' names are very much visible on the site and show registration from Pakistan.

The incident has outraged fans of former President APJ Abdul Kalam in orkut world. They want the authorities to take all measures to prevent such incidents.

"As a regular member of many communities and the owner of "India" communityn orkut (which is Pakistani hacker's biggest target since its existence and has nearly 8 lakh members), I have faced this menace not for the first time. The unethical hackers groups usually are a bunch of intelligent guys. But they need to spend their time and energy on some constructive work like helping secure our networks rather than involving in hacking online communities," said Vishal Trivedi, owner of the "India" community (796,517 members)

"The hacking of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam community is not only unfortunate but disgusting too, as the hackers group of Pakistan, in reality, have started the whole unethical practice by hacking and defacing many Indian communities like Hinduism, Durga Puja and non-stop abusing in them. This vicious circle has no beginning or end. In order to counter such unethical activity, there is a need to spread awareness among members on social networking communities about security measures to secure their profiles," Vishal added.

"Pakistani hackers have increased their activities just after Mumbai attacks. We noticed the attacks when one of the moderators on VHP community was hacked and 3,000 members were banned. We also saw hacking of APJ Abdul Kalam community. Now they are using that community to further their anti-India propaganda. They want to spread panic. They do not have to worry about anything, as Pakistani government seems to indirectly support them," said Vikas Sankrityayan, owner of "RSS Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh community" (42,011 members).

Recent media reports stated intelligence agencies have warned about anti-India elements in Pakistan planning to attack Indian computer networks. It had warned that Pakistani hackers were trying out a dry run by hacking popular websites. (ANI)

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