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A poem relating life with drama! [Selfwritten]

The Drama Of Life

Ø Sometimes I wonder about, what we call as life.

Despite every effort I make, I don’t get what is it.

Only “The condition of being alive”, as the dictionary defines,

Or is a phenomenal enigma, which we know only a bit!

Ø Whatever it is, I can bet, is a conundrum for all of us.

Which keeps moving with the wheels of time & is experienced by every one.

Some times sweet, sometimes sour & a little bit bitter too.

But ironically the fact is that, it is understood by none!

Ø People put on faces with different colours.

As if part of a drama, each has a different role to play.

Ofcourse lead is played by you only chum.

And many characters are such, who’ll never cross your way!

Ø You might marvel that who is the play writer?

And from where has the script come, if there exists any!

My dear He, the almighty, is the play writer & creator.

Who has generated the script & which you call as destiny!

Ø People perform their act & live different episodes of the drama.

But the sole aim of all is to touch the zenith & make a name.

I myself believe that such a gifted human life must be utilized,

To give the world something more than it has already,&not to leave it all the same.

Ø Ordinarily, like in a drama, there are villains important to the plot!

But uniquely in this drama of life, they are more than one.

Critics, as we are cognizant, are those villains in this drama.

Who always find flaws in you, but also make you learn!

Ø As a risen sun always sets, everything commenced has to end.

The climax of the drama is an immaculate certainty called death!

This seemingly long drama of life is like a sweet fable,

And the moral is-- You keep learning till you have breath!

- Akshat.


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  2. i liked the post but it is hard to read because of that blue colour


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