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A poem depicting my confusion ... [Selfwritten]

“ Awake or Dreaming “

v Am I awake, or still sleeping??

Is this life a part of my dreaming?!

Sometimes I get amused of this thinking.

So bizarre but fascinating is this feeling.

v Now I am compelled of this feeling so strong,

To pen it down, not judging what’s right or wrong!

I am writing this poem to quench my craving!

To share my confusion between living & dreaming.

v How would it be, if one good day…

To all your happiness & dismay…

You woke up in a place so strange.

Every thing you knew appears to change.

v What was real, now is a dream!

The world so calm appears to scream.

You don’t know a single face.

Don’t remember any single place.


v Messed up in the life’s race,

Like walking on a clay without a trace.

So lively & real was the dream you’ve been,

That now the real world appears unseen!

v Throughout life you made choices like insane.

Now all those choices appear to be in vain!

Whatever was yours is now gone.

Nothing you posses, nothing you own!

v For all your excuses so lame.

You used destiny to blame.

But choices & chances were so fake!

Now realizing that nothing you could change or make!

v It is real or a dream may be intricate to decide.

But with one thing you’ll surely abide..

That nobody can state it, & everyone is ambiguous.

And this thought being bizarre, can also be so obvious!!!


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