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How many G-mail accounts do you have?

Most Gmail users will answer one! Rest will answer 2-3 or little more. But in reality, all Gmail users have infinite Gmail addresses even if they have registered for only one Gmail account!

All these addresses act as aliases to Gmail address you use and can be divided in threecategories as explained below. At the end some smart tips are given to make use of these aliases to get more from your Gmail accounts!

So lets start with aliases now…

#1. googlemail.com alias
Every address@gmail.com have a alias address@googlemail.comby default. So even if you send me mail at rahul286@googlemail.com it will be delivered to the inbox!
Googlemail.com is official domain for Gmail.com service in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom. More information about this is available on Gmail’s wikipedia page.
This makes your address count: 2

#2. dot [.] alias

Gmail ignores dot [.] character in email address. Means all of the following are same…
• rahul286@gmail.com
• rahul.286@gmail.com
• r.a.h.u.l.2.8.6@gmail.com
• … and all combination of dots
More information about this is available on Gmail’s Help Center.
This will raise your address count considerably. But still you can count them!

#3. Plus [+] alias

Now first look at this example – rahul286+test@gmail.com
Now this is also same as – rahul286@gmail.com
Gmail ignores plus [+] character and anything after that in ID part!
So anything+boldpartisignored@gmail.com is same as anything@gmail.com
What about count now?

#4. Combination of aliases

Yep, you can use above aliases in any possible combination.
Are you still counting?
Now you may be wondering what to do with these virtual infinite email addresses (or aliases). First give your original email address without plus and dots to your friends and other real people only. Now out of aliases I personally recommend to go for plus aliases as they are more readable.

Now comes some tips…

#1. Better Organizing Emails…
First create aliases like below…
• rahul286+social@gmail.com for social networking sites like orkut, facebook, etc
• rahul286+forums@gmail.com for all forums you join on blog
• rahul286+biz@gmail.com for all commercial sites and so on…
Next create labels like social, forums, biz, etc and finally create an individual filter for each alias + label combo!
This may sound a lot of work but once its done, it saves your time forever!

#2. Catching Spammers…

Many websites ask for email addresses. If you suspect the website may spam your inbox in feature, use a Gmail alias instead of real email address.
If you get spam mails targeted to alias in future you may assume website is affiliated with spammers!

Note this method is technically not full proof as website may strip extra characters from email addresses…

There can be more smart usage of this email aliases. If you have one, please let me know!

==>NOTE: The example email ID given above is for reference purpose only. It may or may not be a real one!(Mail me from my profile)


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