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End of a bizzare incident today! [Selfwritten]

Although today's day was no different from ordinary.
Since a weekend, so as usual I chilled & relaxed much today.
A few days ago I had a little heated talk with my land lords. Actually the problem began since I came back on 16th August after a long holiday. Every day something or the other. Once they won't open the door at night after 10. Other day they needed room painted & that too urgently. But the problem began when they asked for our room keys for some wood work. They may be right in some ways, but actually never tried to cooperate with us. And moreover never cared for our good's safety or anything, they just want their own motto fulfilled! They really cooperated so less. Demanded more money always. And never fulfilled even basic needs like water. Ha! but still never satisfied!
So when they asked for my room keys, although already refused by me many a times earlier, I got really fumed up! It was my laptop & things I was bothered, though my room mate as usual remained neutral.
The problem was, although I demanded right thing, but was really hard on tone when I refused to them.
I might be high on BP then, or even could be that my resistance to their growing nuisance was reducing.
They told to leave the room this coming 1st of Sep.
I was'nt bothered much. & would have preferred living somewhere else, rather than this hell place, even so expensive!
But two things came to my mind:
1.The rooms are scanty here.
2.I must have watched the tone!

Other people also told the same, that for the 4 months remaining why to roam for a new room.
And more over I wanted to apologize for my wrong tone, Since they were elder to me. May be whatever they done, or how right my point was, I did't had to be harsh, so I should appologise, rest was fine on my part.
So I talked nicely, clarifying, & appologised too.
But then, Volla! revealed their hidden motive!
They were'nt having much problem with what I was feeling sorry(My harsh way of talking), but rather wanted to increase the room rent.
Yeah they wanted more money.LOL.

That's how today ended a bizarre incident!

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