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18th August' 2009- Bunked class, Went to Chandigarh! [Selfwritten]

Today I managed to woke up!..but late.(still not used to schedule after the long holidays!!) So I smashed up till 9.00AM & got ready some how. Meanwhile Gourav called my room mate Mohit- "Chal chandigarh chalte hai, mausam accha hai, ghumenge, aur books bhi to leni hai!(lame excuse..hehe)"
So but obviously he told-" Aj mai college nahi jaunga!".
I nodded but was determined to go!
I even took pen & register & went donwnstairs for college.
But then I stopped & came back, I thought- "I am late, may be I should go for second lecture straght!"
So I was sitting idle..that about 9.15AM Mohit came & pursuaded me for Chandigarh instead of college(well not that hard although! LOL)
I thought not much important lectures today, so why not bring books!
I had no idea at that time what a bash we would gonna have.
I visited "Sukhna lake" & "Rock Garden" of Chandigarh for the first time!
Above all at Rock garden it rained & made things much merrier!
We did boating in Sukhna lake too.
Rest all roaming, eating & fun!
& yeah got the full set of 7th sem books too.
Greatly enjoyed today!

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