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The day of tempting KFC hot wings bucket... [Selfwritten]

Today I went to CP for the termination of my Tata Photon- Whiz. I was bored with the slow dial up connection speed that I got with photon. Moreover the plans of photon were really high!! The type of internet connection that I got with photon for about 700 bucks, can be achieved via Airtel for only 99 bucks! So I got it disconnected. Just opposite to the Tata outlet was KFC. I took a steaming bucket of Hot wings of KFC for home.

Immediately after taking the bucket, I was in metro on my way back to home. There was an amusing thing with that journey way back. The bucket of hot-wings was not seal packed, it was just covered via a cardboard lid & kept in a bag. As the gates of metro sealed, the strong aroma of the tempting hot-wings begin to tingle every body's taste buds there! ;-) Now the best part was, as every body obviously noticed the strong aroma of fried spicy chicken, nobody could make out from where it was coming. The whole observation was completely hilarious. I bet everyone wanted a piece of it!! hehehe.

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