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Controversy over Sania's Marriage [Selfwritten]

Sania Mirza has made a choice to marry Pakistani cricket player Shoaib Malik. I do not understand what Baj rang dal, Satsang and VHP guys have to do with this to protest in Hyderabad and Chennai. As an individual it should be her decision what she wants to do in her life. She has made India proud in many events but that does not mean that in return you ask her what to do and what not at the least! When these saffron guys cannot do anything for India atleast they can stop creating havoc and making peoples life miserable!

I have been very upset by recent incidents in India like Shiv Sena recent stunt on Shahrukh Khan, protest over Sanias choice and could not stop from letting out my anger through ISC platform. Every Indian has a right to choose what they want, just why can't these people stop ruling us?

I just wish Sania a Happy Married Life and may her marriage last long.

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