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In the crucial phase of life... [Selfwritten]

This is the period & phase of my life that is, like all of us, so crucial for the life ahead. Every body has a goal or aim in their life, or most of us do. I also have an aim of my life. My aim of life is simply to give a justification of this human life of mine. To be clear I just want to do something out of my talent to serve human kind. To do something really good for humans, for my country, for the world. If possible do something that I would be remembered even after my life. I can get satisfied with moderate money as money is not an aim for me.

Certainly those are bigger dreams of mine & too far away too. But for reaching that high altitude of my life, I need to climb up the stairs, step by step. Thus the next step of my life & probably the most crucial & tough one is this that I need to take now. That important next step that I need to put my foot firmly on is to get a job. Got to be self dependent. I already took much help of my parents till now. Now I am an engineer too. I know this would be the difficult step. Job is the sole aim for me now that I am bothered about more than anything in my life. This is the starting step, that once I achieve nicely, nothing can come in between me & my goal. Let us see what the god has for me.

I would love to read this post again myself after 5 years with a satisfactory smile on my face that yes, I made it!!

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