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Windows 7 activation snoop goes live, pirates beware

Microsoft just rolled out Its Windows 7 Activation Technologies Update, that little piece of software that checks whether your copy of Windows 7 is "genuine" or not. If you're running a pirated version of Windows 7, activated by what's commonly called a "Windows 7 loader," Microsoft's sneaky little update will probably detect it. Then, it will keep nagging you with an annoying badge until you pay up or uninstall.

Showing up uninvited in Windows Update, this 1.2MB file (named KB971033) is listed as optional, and its check box is not selected by default. Not that I am advocating piracy or anything, but if you don't like the idea of Microsoft distrusting you and constantly checking up on you with a little tattletale buried in your computer, just get it out of your sight by right-clicking on it and selecting "hide update". Then it'll be gone for good.

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