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Don't waste your trust so easily [Selfwritten]

It's been a while that I have written an article on anything. But now I feel I have a piece to share. All of us live with a numerous types of relationships. We enjoy our role in each & every relation, although each is of a different type. Some have the real truth & trust in them, others are just a formality. Sometimes though relationships are mere a synonym of compromises. And that's what really bugs me off. I also live with the different 'kinds' of relations & know perfectly how to deal with each, but really the 'hypocrisy' in relations is not a game for me. And to top up the cake with the icing it's particularly regretful when you mess up with relations, that is you give the priority to a kind of relation, that actually was a mere formality.True buddy you wasted your trust on someone, & that to so easily?! Though this is not a very unfamiliar situation for most of us, as this is the regret we often face in our lives. The person that you entitled your trust, your friendship (or whatever relation in your case may be!) was so unworthy, this is what you realize & painfully laugh at yourself.

As I have mentioned 'hypocrisy' in relations, I would love to dedicate a few lines on how the hypocrisy have become an ornament today, that is pridefully worn by all. People today seldom live by themselves, & are rather in a great rush to portray a persona that is distinctly far away from their true self. They want to portray them as what they 'want to be' or what 'attracts' them in other person or what their 'about me' should decipher on an active social networking site. But trust me they have never ever even tried to find the true quality hidden in themselves, the real essence of themselves , yearning to be free.

In a relation you not only sometimes give away your trust but also you give certain
privileges to other people that might then take you 'for granted'. Just assuming things on the lighter side you don't even care to notice that when you are often being taken lightly and soon that becomes a habit. In certain times the other person is even not worthy to take or give a shit! But just out of all that fog of relationship that you are in, you end up entertaining the bullshit! Lol :-D And what sounds like melody to me is, to add up to all this, most of the time the other person assume themselves to be sovereign. They are ungratefully taking advantages from you with not a slightest of gratitude. Though it is said that gratitude has no place in a relation, but hey you were never in a relation ever with that person.

Lastly I would like to say a few things about friendship that would beautifully conclude my article. Friendship, merely a word for many, is a very beautiful thing that even words can't describe. It is one of the finest & purest forms of 'relations' that I found. Here I quoted the word to give a stress that yeah friendship is a relation. Is there a person in your life that is truly happy with your achievements? your qualities? your skills? that is true enough, that whose advice you can count anytime? that praises you in front of you, & you know he is being true? that can courageously bring out your bad points, straight at your face? that you have trust & understanding? that with whom you just be yourself? that stands by you at the time of a need? that remembers your small things & surprises you by fulfilling them? that can give up his time & energy just for your good? that has a unique place for you, in his life & time?... & lastly if the mere feeling of losing him from your life churns your heart deeply... then cheers my dear you have a true friend! If the answer to any of the above is 'NO' then you might be living in a mere formality. I am really grateful to have such a dearly buddy
(you know who!) in my life & can't trade him for anything in my life, ever, at any cost!

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