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Feel ur bike!! :p [Selfwritten]

Many of us are fanatic for our bikes. And Savor the flavors of passionate biking.
I am the same folk too. I could spend hours driving (or I must say riding would be more justified) a bike no matter what. No tremors can shake me to stop riding.. weather, tiredness, sweat... whatever. The speed that you are on with that sweet exhaust note of the grumbling engine....fuckin makes the adrenalin levels go higher!
People ride the bikes, many are great riders. Ofcourse your "greatness" accounts for not only how fast you fly, but also how much you are in control with that blazing velocity...thus justifying safe riding!
How many times have stopped successfully on that very dangerous situation, with a skidding cool sound, yet you stop firmly on ground with a pride on your mind..hun?!
But my question is how many of you have really started to feel your baby's heart! Well yeah you can surely do that... just try it out! I feel the engine is like the heart of your bike... Every time you take off... shift gears.. come to a halt...or whatever you do...while riding of course!, you need to take care of just only one thing... the powerful & sensitive... engine!
Is'nt it? Or you may end up in getting stopped after few shakes!
People count gears, and memorize them.. but you see if you are in touch with your sweetheart... things are sooooo smooooth! ;-D. You will give in to shifting the right gear just at the right time.... it's spontaneous!!
So next time don't only ride.... feel your sweetheart! LOl.

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