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Windows 7 Problems!! (Prob#2) [Selfwritten]

This post is in series with the previous post (Prob#1) & more problems would be posted here in the series as and when found! ;-) This one was faced by my friend, & when it was not solved by him & then all possible methods failed that were tried by me, then I had to re-install windows 7 from the scratch on his system. It is a real pain when you need to reinstall the OS from the beginning, reformatting the hard disk partition, as it leads to data & time wastage. I feel bad that this trouble was faced by him just before the final exam, & more that even I could not help to save his older OS but to re-install it from the start. But the fact is, to face it straight, at that point no miracle could save his old data, as I already tried all the possible remedies, so , the only solution was.... RE- INSTALL!! :-|

Let us get into the details of the issue. Before beginning, to give out a central idea of the story, I would say that this is the case when one suffers due to in capabilities of an OS for handling just the small, yeah real small, hardware features. Or I must say that this was just a very small system level error that windows 7 was unable to deal with & mockingly even the repair feature could not save the OS! :-o My friends system has a large LCD monitor, of I guess 1600 X 900 resolution. What small thing he did, is to try to reset the display resolution via the display properties to suit the best view. Can you imagine that it lead to the re-installing of the OS?!! Well yeah this is what exactly happened!

The thing is when you try to adjust the display resolution via display properties, then you get a screen showing 15 seconds countdown timer to confirm the new settings, or the resolution resets back to the older value. But when he tried a higher level resolution (beyond range of the monitor) then he did not canceled the new settings manually, rather waited for it to reset after 15 secs (yeah... lazy ;-) ) But bang!.... that was stuck as such, without getting reset automatically or giving out any options to do the same manually! Every time the system was restarted the black screen came saying "out of range" & nothing could be viewed, forgot doing any work! Safe mode can't help as it has different (lower resolution) resolution settings!! And also changing resolution in the safe mode do not affects the normal mode resolution. I have had many very critical system level crashes in the XP as I am always tweaking new things, but the safe mode, system restore & system repair always helped me out. But none worked on 7. Infact these tools are not as powerful as they are in XP. System repair is like an absolute weapon & a life saver, at least it used to be in XP. As when you repair the OS with the OS bootable disk then anything, almost anything can be fixed, as you have all the system files to copy again, no matter to what extent the OS is corrupted, forget about the small 'screen resolution' settings error!! :-D And also your installed application & settings are saved at the cost of the OS updates, that need to be performed again. I only preferred the clean install over the repair when I needed the clean & new system else the repair feature of XP is so powerful & always helped out, no matter how critical the system error was! But shockingly in 7 even the display resolution settings error could not be repaired, even when I booted with the OS disk & tried to repair. More XP vs 7 & Win 7 loopholes (or merits if found) to come in future posts... stay hooked... ;-)

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