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How to watch movies with subtitles? [Selfwritten]

Today I started to watch one movie taken from a friend- Melina. The movie appeared really interesting! ;-) but the only problem was that it was not in English. I didn't had any subtitles file for it & was not sure how to download or 'install' the English subtitles to it. But later on I found a way, far too simpler, so sharing with all of ya! :-)

So you’ve downloaded subtitles (the only thing required to be done) for your movies from one of the best subtitle site (try THIS site!) and…

To be honest, people have issues like: how to see subtitles, how to watch movie with subtitles, how to use subtitles, guide using movie subtitles, how to display subtitles, how to add movie subtitles… So I decided to write a mini how-to guide:

1. watch this video:

2. download GOOD video player:

And that’s all. As you can see, it is really easy, everything you have to do is rename subtitle file according to movie file. So if you have “movie.avi” your subtitles must be located in same directory and renamed to “movie.srt”. Now open movie in your favourite video player and enjoy!

Tip: if you like to watch movie with 2 subtitles (switch them in video player), let’s say english and dutch, you just have to rename subtitle files like:

  • movie.en.srt
  • movie.nl.srt

Of course there exists millions ways how to watch subtitles, but this how-to is for beginners. =)

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UPDATE: You may need to install this software to your pc, this works in the background, download HERE.

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