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Windows 7 Problems!! (Prob#1) [Selfwritten]

I have used the Microsoft windows XP for about 2 years. I never switched to the Windows Vista, knowing what a great fallacy it was! I am not a preacher of Microsoft infact I terribly hated Windows XP for a huge number of performance holes it had. Though with no option available one is forced to use Microsoft (though I know now, Linux is an excellent, 'free' alternative!). Also thanks to all those 'thirdparty' tools & utilities that were always available to mend those holes of XP & make it a tommy gunn! :-D It is remarkable that XP was made so thoughtfully that it ruled for about a decade & then even beat the next release of MS- Vista. Even now it is one of the best option for a lightweight good performing OS (obviously if you are geek enough to know & use all the 'relevent' 3rd party tools/softwares, then XP can give a great performance & excellent visual style!)

Then after a while came the all new 'great' release from MS- Windows 7, made for speed & performance! LOL. I was not convinced till recently though, to use this new product of MS & switch from XP. But few days back I moved to windows 7 for these reasons-
1. I really wanted to experience it, as you need to be familiar with something in order to love or criticize it! ;-)
2. Just got a little bit convinced.
3. People around me using it, & MS really boasting it out loud!!

After install the first impression that I got of windows 7 is a well decorated XP in fancy clothes! The OS was so bare & basic, I wondered what was the 'improvement' over XP beyond the visual styles! :-o
That's why I say XP is an undisputed supreme release from MS!
If an OS, 10 years old, can do all the things equally & efficiently that you can do in this all new Windows 7, then undoubtedly the former is better!
Visual style is always secondary & again with that clever use of softwares you can make over your XP to any extent! Though I have never given much time on this! ;-)

Recently I got a problem with Win 7 (& all those following will be posted here) in the basic file management ability of an OS. Previously I was not able to delete, copy or rename a '.flv' file from my external HDD. I thought that was formatted via XP, so might be a compatibility issue in the filesystems of XP & Win 7. But recently, today I downloaded a '.flv' file from the internet via IDM (Internet Download Manager). It got saved in the default IDM directory. Now when I wished to move it to a preferable location on the same hard disk of my laptop, it badly failed! The same error that used to come with my external USB HDD. If I tried to delete it to recycle bin or permanently via pressing shift, the window that popped up remained calculating the time required & nothing happened! Even properties for the file are not showing up. The tools like 'unlocker' failed. Also the Windows file explorer became very slow, stopped responding a few times & I needed to restart the system or re-login or just restart the process- 'explorer.exe' via task manager. The file is intact (can be played successfully, but not able to delete or move). This I believe is a problem with windows 7 filesystem, as I have tried every thing & no perfect cause is found. Also Googling I found many similar unsolved issues! :-o One of the online solutions that I found (that too failed later) is by grabbing the permissions of the file by using the following reg key, that helps to grab ownership permissions for a file by simply right clicking & chosing 'Take Ownership'. The link to download is HERE!
Let us see what solution comes out to be(which obviously I will be mentioning here), or more issues to be coming in the future posts! :-D

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