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Back to XP! [Selfwritten ]

A day before yesterday I switched back to my good old XP! Feels good to be home. :-) Undoubtedly XP is distinctly ahead of all releases of MS till date. No 7 did'nt worked for me either! You must have read about the file manager problem I faced in 7 earlier. There is another issue faced by my buddy (& other issues will be posted here as they are found) that I will post next too. Not only that issue was the cause, but also the problem was that a software called 'Tornado' an IDE for Vx Works RTOS programming was not compatible with 7 & thus I was forced to switch back to XP. Infact many educational & programming softwares are not compatible with 7 though they do well on XP for example take- Turbo C. But then I must say, what happens- happens for a good! XP is so fast & effective for my 32-bit laptop that 7 can not be even in dreams! I guess windows 7 must score out some good points over XP only in the 64-bit systems. But even today we mostly have 32-bit systems only. Just apart from the cosmetic lift (that you can very well tweak in XP!) 7 does not bring out any noticeable differences to me over XP. And again I am a person thriving for performance & never for looks. Even the small theme change of XP via tune up utilities works for me over the visual styles of 7.. LOL! :-D Yeah the task bar of 7 is surely appealing & far ahead of XP, but again that's available to download for XP too! When you can download the application launching dock of Apple Mac on XP, then what big deal is the 7's task bar?! If you spend some money then you can use pro softwares, that can make it hard to identify XP from Mac. LOL ;-)

I think even MS knows the critical importance of XP in the present world, as even after discontinuing the product ofcourse for the market reasons, MS still gives an option to it's 7 users to feel XP operating system right within windows 7!! ;-)
Read more HERE at the MS website.

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