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HARD FACT: Windows XP is still best for netbooks in terms of performance – Windows 7 vs Windows XP [GadgetMix.com]

This is not a good news especially when Windows 7 release is just around the corner. Windows 7 has been tested on almost all the netbooks so far and has received ‘thumbs-up’ from most of the tech-writers and bloggers from all over the world. But, the question is: DOES WINDOWS 7 BEATS WINDOWS XP in terms of performance? SIMPLE ANSWER: NO


kurttrail at eeeuser conducted tests on his EEE 1000HE and used fresh copies of both operating systems on his new SSD. Results were quite interesting with Windows XP surpassing Windows 7 in all tests by fairly good margins.





..more (click to see full size screenshot)





Commentary: It is clear from above screenshots that although Windows 7 is a worthy successor to Windows Vista, but when it is comes to raw performance, Windows XP is still the winner. Even then we should consider upgrading to Windows 7 as it brings in many more useful features and let’s face it, it is not ‘that slow’ in day-to-day activities.

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