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Is Blackberry love justified?!

Blackberry Love?!

Note: This post is not intended to hurt anybody's faith or feelings! :P

"Lots of Apples & Blackberries a day, keeps you healthy & smart!" - Android

So you are here.. With a question in mind.. That's quiet obvious.. Well yeah in terms of mobile OS or smartphone platform, it is a common query of masses.. Go with plenty of features in Android, iOS, Windows or go for a Blackberry? Well, you are welcome! ;)

Before we proceed, Here is an incident that happened somewhere in Memorial Rose Garden, Missoula, US around two years back..

Android, apple & blackberry were chatting in the garden..

Apple: I am the greatest! I have all the great apps & largest App-store. I am the leader to innovate the latest features & newest hardware. I give the best OS integration. I am always the first, I rule the smartphone world!
Android: Easy big boy! I am the one who follows all your smartness and implement your features better than you! I am from Google, and Google never leaves any game without winning! And hey! I am 'open source' hence I am free!
Blackberry: (Suddenly got distracted by the argument, takes out his earphones) Hey! whats wrong? can't you let me enjoy my music?
Appy & Andy: We are better than you!
BB: Relax boys I got RIM servers! ;) That you can never have...

Well well lets come back to my post in here. (Yeah you too dear, close your mouth and stop admiring your Blackberry! )
The Blackberry love will always exist & so will the camp of Blackberry Boys (As the brand coined it).
Personally I feel people are just making RIM folks richer and all this BBM stuff is quiet unnecessary and very much over-priced! Why spending such bucks for a BBM when you can get that for a drastically smaller price, or may be free?! Yeah I heard you! Secure... Un-hackable... private... bla-bla... @$*%^@&*
well we will see all that, in a few moments! ;) :D
First let me share this hilarious comic strip with you all-

This is what we think of ya! ;)
Certainly in the coming future I wouldn't be surprised to see people distinguished not on the bases of caste or religion but Smartphone Type!

Let's see what this fuzz is all about. Basically RIM is facing a serious competition in west, that is dominated by Apple and Android and small market share held by Windows as well. RIM is running good business in Asian markets specially Indonesia. Revenue of RIM is getting down each year, thanks to Apple and Android! Given that the security of its devices and BES messaging infrastructure is one of the few competitive advantages RIM has left over its rivals in the crowded smartphone space, any compromise would be disastrous for the firm.

When you go out and compare the smartphones in terms of their smartness! Their hardware specification as well as the power of operating system such as Android or Apple with all the variety of Apps available at App stores, BB is clearly missing on many points.
It really don't even stand in same lines to be compared when we talk of iPhone or latest Android Jelly-Bean! (I am not sure if Jelly bean is out on mobiles yet) , still going for a BB just for the divine RIM servers?! :P

Moreover OS like Android offer a lot to tweak & customize in contrast to others, you can Root (Google this!) your phone and make it a Rocket-Launcher! xD

Whats the definition of safe? After all RIM servers are also hard-disks, platters and magnetic heads at the end! :D How can they guarantee you safety? Material things can all fail, they are not eternal!
Moreover all the bbm replacement  apps available for cross platform OS users like whatsapp, kik (Kik, the hot new messaging app that racked up a million users in a couple of weeks and then got called out for covertly harvesting users' contacts, has now been completely banned from RIM's BlackBerry App World. RIM announced it was booting Kik over "breached contractual obligations," and that it has terminated all agreements with Kik and stopped supporting the service. ), pingchat, chatplus etc are also available so you don't die without bbm! :D In-fact talking realistic, in true sense even using a software like Whatsapp that is fairly cheaper than bbm and is also quiet secure, instant, cross-platform (for Apple, Android, Windows, Nokia & even Blackberry!) and private, instead of using a bbm, your chances of getting hacked or your private data being stolen are quiet the same and that too is almost certainly never going to happen!! So whats the practicality in using a bbm (or I must say spending huge bucks for bbm & making RIM folks rich! xD  ) !? 
Not any intention to hurt the faith of all Blackberry-boys! :P Here is a link I would share that proves clearly that nothing is 'private', 'hack-proof', or out of reach from other's hands. Not even RIM servers!
=> Read here

I believe technology has advanced a lot till date and instead of paying heavily or even pirating, another world of 'open source' software has emerged greatly, we can follow that, and personally, I am a big supporter for 'open-source'. People can donate in such projects as much and whatever they want to, and these open-source guys are still surviving nicely! (See Wikipedia) then why make these MNC like RIM richer unnecessarily? You got money? Do charity! :D

Now to keep my post interesting and not being too informative, I am omitting too many references and news-articles about RIM getting hacked or RIM being down on service! :P You can Google yourself many! :P I must state here, by mentioning all this I am not going against RIM (so please don't grab my neck RIM! :P) or Blackberry, I am just sharing my opinion that for the right of being in touch and messaging services, RIM is charging large amount, and it is quiet unnecessary in today's world of 'open source' and other fairly cheaper options available. Also this BBM service is a flagship of Blackberry and can not be used beyond their OS, where as Apple and Android have really much better to offer in terms of features and hardware as compared to BB and thus restricting BBM to Blackberry is a serious disadvantage or may be the only hope left for Blackberry to keep selling there phones, ie RIM servers! ;)

Thus in my opinion not only slashing down RIM's subscription charges & making BBM cross-platform compatible, but also focusing on improving OS features to match with those of Android & iOS and providing a better  feature-rich hardware can save BlackBerry from its deathbed !! :P

* Inspiration :P

Keep coming for more fun posts!  =))

Apple's iOS has it's own version of BBM or a personal messaging service for other iOS users its called- "iMessage".. It is far sophisticated from a BBM (iMessage is actually integrated into the iOS messages app, meaning it will automatically switch to SMS mode, which looks and feels identical, if the recipient doesn’t have iMessage active
And Google is working on a similar 'BBM kin' for Android!
What say  Blackberry Boys! ;)


  1. Now that was a complete BB-bashing post! ;) It was good to find out certain tech-facts stated by you. It was well pin-pointed that how BB could be enhanced by better OS, app-world and the likes. I agree with your suggestions, Mr. Techie :D
    But,the link to an article where in RIM guys had to hack in their server (wherein you showcased that BBM servers are hack-able) Reason: they were co-operating with the London police in order to track the person who started the mob & spread the whereabouts of the event through BBM. thus they hacked in their own servers :)
    Moreover, recently, there was an issue between the RIM users and the Indian Government regarding the privacy and its probable mis-use, had a huge debate going on.
    I agree all tangible devices are hack-able. But what matters is the amount of security it brings along. Because it does not allow the cross-application, an entire community is formed of the BB lovers,which gives them a distinctive edge ( Superb RIM marketing gimmick). But yes that clubbed with the amount of security nothing like it. remember, BBM is the only messenger which is not internet(data) based! Thus brings in more amount of security. ( a lotta malware & harmful viruses have the possibility of attacking your device and leaving you with a complete-washed out phone.)

    The reasons for liking a certain type of smart phone depends from a person to person. There are people who don't prefer the touch-screens ( remember how fragile touchscreens are) there are people who cant make do without touch screens! :D to each his own.
    But yes, on a whole, RIM could definitely make do by reducing its subscription charges as compared to the other devices and the use of application.
    but my love for my BB still continues! :D ;)

    1. Miss. DH I think u commented on a wrong post?! :P
      Warned already, it was not intended to hurt anyone's faith or feelings! :P :D
      No touchscreens are not fragile! (Please Google Capacitive screen, iPhone touch screen etc :P) Ive been using them since class 11. :)
      I bet you can't break one with your bare hands, how hard you may press! The latest in advancements in touch screens make them the only interface to be used in coming future! (That's what Apple, pioneer in smartphones, clearly understands! ;))
      BB is just synonymous to RIM's proprietary servers, as for smartphones race, it lags 'far' behind! (Don't believe me? Try an iPhone or Galaxy yourself for just 7 days! ;) you might get a new opinion on touchscreens as well maybe! :P)
      So to be precise it is smartphones vs RIM servers! The only fragile hope of BB left! As for smartphones it is still to learn a lot! :P
      And the difference is not just Apps! Its the drastic difference in OS quality and Hardware power as compared to Apples and Androids! User experience is greatly affected by the smartness of your smartphone! And not just RIM servers. :P ;)
      Though BB can be brought for just around 10k bucks, I am not sure when will I go for it... ;)
      And yeah for your precise observation on that news regarding hacking of RIM's servers, I would like to appreciate your investigation, but maybe you missed the point!
      If RIM can hack their own servers, why can't Google, Apple, Microsoft, or a Chineese nerd?! :P
      The point is: "There is a loophole!"
      And no technology is perfect!, all have loopholes, which can be exploited to hack it! :)

      Even BB had to join touchescreen camp, remember? (Now BB has come out with a range of touch-phones! ;) )
      Debate is endless I feel. :-|
      Androids and Apples are Linux based and are much smarter to be virus infected! ;) :D
      And if you still don't believe why I say BB (Oh! RIM servers) can not give the experience of Apple or Android or Windows in terms of smartness(and I am not trying to bash BB!) you can also research as to why BB revenues are getting down drastically and Androids or Apples are eating it! ;)

      Toodles =))

  2. Mr. AR. You can be rest assured your post has not at all hurt my feelings or faith :P

    Agreed touchscreens are not fragile and latest developments are making them sturdier. But when you compare them to the devices sans the touchscreens, comparatively they are very delicate! (recent personal experience: a friend's Samsung galaxy was slightly stepped upon by another friend which resulted into internal crashing of the LED into pieces! sigh!)

    and as far as i remember the original topic of the debate was whats app versus the BBM.
    as for the loopholes there is no 100% hack-proof app. the man over the machine fact prevails which brings utmost sigh if relief for the humankind :P what matters is the degree of security levels. :)

    as for the main topic bbm versus whatsapp, bbm was the inspiration, wahtsapp a mroe refined version. and i wont be surprised to see many such kind of app and messenger services in the next few months.

    as for BB bashing, we should realize that these beings are huge businesses out of which some will succumb today whereas some will soar high tomorrow. being & providing up-to-date technology is definitely required (or is it a superb marketing tactic that is fit into the common man's head??? :) :P ) and popularity and the current fad matters the most to be the market leader.
    Tada :D

    1. Now Diamond is the hardest thing on earth, except that anything, 'anything' you play dirty will break to pieces! (try walking over your BB's qwerty!.. Should I conduct that experiment for you if you allow me, on your BB?! :P) This saying that "touch screens are fragile, so hey go for physical qwerty keypad" is really re-thinkable! Wanna give it a try again? :P :D :D
      Rather this line of mine you can recall after 25 years from now and then may be appreciate:
      "Touch screen is the future of interface for personal computing."
      Bar-phones have already become dated, and even qwerty are being paired up with a touch screen!
      If we deduce as per your saying, than Apple will soon become bankrupt! :P (Their iconic products like iPad, iPhones live only on touch interface! ;) )
      Even the capacitive touch (Its not latest, much better touch screens are already available!) is greatly responsive and sturdy not only for typing but for gaming & net surfing as a breeze as well! In fact your interaction with your smarty becomes much more sophisticated, productive (eg. Multi-touch) and fast!! :)
      WhatsApp can NEVER compete with BBM, it is not in the same lines & is really far behind the race than BBM! (As BB do compared to Androids & Apple ;) ) But as I said BB is a synonym for proprietary RIM servers, except that it is not that smart! :P

      So topic is- "BB vs smart phones"
      maybe- "Why BB is over-hyped only due to RIM servers"
      or maybe- "Why BBM is over priced ;) "

      I am glad you took the criticism with an open mind! :) ( :P :D )

    2. Actually mathematically:
      if, BBM+ BB (Smartphone) = x
      and, WhatsApp (or any such cheap replacement kid in town) + Apple/Android = y

      then, x<y (considerably)

      :P :D

    3. Well but dear Miss. DH your love for a BB is totally excepted and greatly respected by me!
      You see-
      "Love isn't finding a perfect person. It's seeing an imperfect person perfectly." ;) :)

      Toodles! :)

  3. Sorry it just skipped mentioning so I am posting this right now:
    Just a correction and a piece of information for other readers:
    "BBM is the only messenger which is not internet(data) based!" is not true.
    Means to identify client can be a SIM, cell number, user ID, hardware ID, device ID or a BB PIN etc anything but then the exchange of messages and data (images & videos) with RIM servers to communicate with other BB users is done solely via packet data or internet.
    There is no other technology invented yet (other techniques are older telecom network or a newer 3G or 4G network )!

  4. ""iMessage is actually integrated into the iOS messages app, meaning it will automatically switch to SMS mode, which looks and feels identical, if the recipient doesn’t have iMessage active"" FYI--- BBM has the same app. :)

    No wonder, if the apple & android giants are following the BBM app....proves BBM was the show -stealer! :P

    and moreover, here we are talking about some app and services, which i find you've rather taken it personally! :) :P God save the RIM people... from Mr. android/apple - biased techie! :P :P :P

    anyway am off to my beloved BBM... hahahahaha... :P :P

    tada!! :D

    1. Well everyone needs to follow, enhance & innovate to be successful, Android/ Apple may be doing that for one feature of BBM the why not BB doing this for manifold features of em? :P
      And I am of coarse a techie and gadget lover but not a nerd! I have not taken anything personal! Its just that we are having a healthy discussion.. aren't we?!

      Your love is already justified! ;) :) :D

    2. Biased? Wow!.. :D
      Though I am not against any BB boy (or gal ;) ) personally... (not even sympathizing for their lame decision! :P ) Your BB gang is still safe from Apple/ Android club... coz this BB group is too small to notice..comparatively.. no?! :P :D

  5. Well since you seem to possess great amount of tech-knowledge and expertise and am just an amateur , all i know and can say, that if i wanted to add an acquaintance on my messenger list, I need not exchange my phone numbers with that person, simply my BB pin. and that is a big sigh of relief for any woman and nowadays for just about anyone!!! and this is provided only by BB so far and yes...popularly too :P and this kind of safety matters to me ...a great extent :)

  6. Well thanks for leaving the tech-arena on me! ;) :D
    Yeah its the kind of usage you have, makes you go for a particular kind of a smartphone!
    Its a kinda relative concept!
    For personal messaging BB excels (only till date!) & for smartness do the apple and android!
    So personally if I ever need a BB for my work's sake, I will have to carry both!
    As for smartness, nothing beats an Android! (Try trusting me on that! ;) )


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