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NOKIA X1-01 Review

For the official need of a phone without a camera. I searched and found this the best alternative. Apart from complying with office norms this can give me dual-sim, 16GB music storage & Nice MP3 player. That too for a cheap price is definitely a plus for me! And thus its a good back-up phone option as per me. ;)

Nowadays we all need more than one-Sim to communicate with our friends and families. In recent times every mobile operator comes with some unique plan like 1paisa/2sec and many more. So if we use more than 1 Sim then, we can save lots of money to our monthly expenses.
While selecting a Dual-Sim phone we have to consider few things like Good powerful Battery, Dual-Standby, Dual-Active(Costs higher than basic Dual-Sim) and some basic features.

For the past few month I am looking for basic Dual-Sim phone@2K that will act as a backup phone with Nokia 5233.While searching on the website like flipkart and letsbuy, my eyes stopped at two handset, Samsung E1252 and Nokia X1-01.Samsung E1252 was better but its not available here in Kolkata. So I have no choice to consider Nokia X1-01.

The Nokia X1-01 is a bar phone with a weight of 91.05 grams. The TFT screen is 1.8 inches supporting 65K colors on 128×160 pixels resolution. The keyboard is alphanumeric and the phone supports Dual SIM with Dual Standby mode. Dual Standby mode is where both the SIM are active when the phone is on; all new Dual SIM handsets come with this option so you need not worry about this feature. It costs only 1.9K INR

The Nokia X1-01 is a budget music phone with build in music player that can play MP3 files. The phone also comes with FM Radio to keep you entertained anytime. The handset has 3 dedicated keys basically made to manage the play list. You can choose the shuffle mode to mix up the play list. Listen to your favorite music on the headset that can be connect to the 3.5mm audio jack or play it aloud on the build in speaker. On a single charge the Nokia X1-01 can play music for almost 36 hours.




# Dual-Sim, Dual-Standby GSM connectivity
# 1.8'' 65K Color screen
# Simple user interface
# Multiple-Phone Book Facility
# Mp3 player with dedicated music keys
# Hot-Swappable Micro-SD slot
# Very powerful speaker
# Stereo FM Radio
# 3.5 mm audio jacks
# 1430 mah powerful battery
# Flashlight
# 16GB expandable Micro-SD card
# Very strong body
# Nice keypad
# Very low price

# No Gprs/Edge
# No Java support
# No homepage customization or wallpaper support
# No file management facility
# No data cable

Photographic Walk-through

Dedicated keys


Memory card slot

Menu grid




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