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Who said Jism2 is hot?! ;)

Well of coarse there is much of a hype going around about the latest Bollywood release of Sunny Leone, Jism2. This is her debut in Bollywood. Well we all know the reasons for excitement! xD Our dear Leone has done quiet a lot of talented movies and is really popular (at least amongst boys! ;) ) Also we must thank our Indian television for promoting Miss. Leone via reality shows like Bigg Boss! Even the guys (like me?! :P ) who were unfamiliar with Miss. SL have seen their movies now just to know why she is so popular and hyped! :D

But my point here of writing this post is only this that we should not rate her roles like those in Jism2 as hot! Really Indian censor board should give this movie a U rather than a A! :P :D ;)
After watching any of her talented acts in her "Original" area of expertise, these movies like Jism2 can never seem to be Adult! xD

So those who are skeptical of movie being Adult or too hot to handle or those who wanna prepare themselves mentally to be able to watch Jism2, try getting one of those 'legendary' movies of hers and all your doubts as well as fears will vanish and you will find Jism2 a U rated family movie. xD ;)

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