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After a looong while I took the pen again! (Well not literally :P )

Thanks for being an avid reader of my blog. And apologies for keeping you all waiting, it's been a long while that i have written, created or shared any new or interesting post! Here I go to sum up in short what was happening in my life for the past months. :)

At last after a long and patient waiting, I got my joining date at Tata consultancy services as 29th of March, 2011. I did not even realized the transition from job searching phase to the employed phase as this all happened so soo fast!! There was a time after college I was involved in giving interviews and getting selected in various companies and now finally I am all set to join my preferred one! I say preferred one as in those days I was high on luck and time was with me.. whatever interview I gave I just cracked it in a go.. I got selected in 5 companies.. worked for about 1-2 days in 2 of em and then left as I didn't liked.. :D.. this includes my selection in Infosys...

I was all set and googled out about the place and hangout zones of Coimbatore, my proposed training location. Initially I was in an impression that being a small city it would not be a much fun experience there, but clearly I was just anticipating. Coimbatore despite of not having a proper TCS campus for training, was the best ILP city, I believe! Many groups were made at facebook and me myself created a few to gather up all the TCS joinees for the same place ie Coimbatore. We began chatting and got to know each other.. many friends were found over Facebook only months before we were actually gonna meet up! Then the day came, preparing for documents and online preparation, what TCS made us do, finally the day has come! I was at airport in Delhi where my flight was to leave for Coimbatore... In the airport itself many of us recognized each other by the Display-Pics of FB ;)... and also noticed the best gals accompanying our flight.. ;) the journey has begun...

I had a blast at Coimbatore.. beyond the learning at ILP (Initial learning Process @TCS), found many sweet memories.. many new life's experiences.. many new friends and explored many new places too!..

It was just a beginning to experience life's love, hate, anguish, competition, struggle, hardships, adventure, fun, exploration and yes the corporate world!...

At ILP it was just like a paid vacations that we were having, far away from life's all the hard sides.. only fun and 3 months in heaven...

I never expected to not to get my preferred place of joining, infact I was so sure and confident to get Delhi, that I was least bothered.. My preferences that I filled up were: 1. Delhi 2. Bangalore 3. Mumbai... and guess what.. I got Mumbai! :D It was a clear shock at the beginning...

Still I was not aware of .. what was gonna happen.. the real suspense! All the days of work and massti @ ILP passsed out... all the TRs (Technical reviews), ECs & Case studies passed over... mixed with fear, anxiety, and adventure... the last day of ILP came as well.. with mixed emotions and
sad feelings we have to left the place... that surprisingly we started to love a lot! Many things left at Coimbatore to miss.. many sweet memories.. many sweet people... many lovely places.. to name a few.. Glacier's park, Bombay trombay, That's why food, The Delhi wala, Brookfield Mall, Gandhinagar, Cross cut road, Sri sabri towers (Girls accommodation hotel! ;) :D ) Also I was sad of not getting my base location as Delhi, my home.. But still I was quiet excited to explore Mumbai.

The day has come on 1st July, 2011 was my flight from Coimbatore to Mumbai. I was accompanied by my roommate of ILP and we were so excited about Mumbai!...
Then the days of struggle, the hard days began... Reaching Mumbai I realized how a busy and big city life is... Delhi don't even stands in comparison... so much crowd.. so much traffic.... highly populous, overcrowded local train compartments... Gosh! I would never complain about crowd in Delhi metro again, it was not even half of what Mumbai locals have, you can't even turn 180 degree it is so much packed!! :D Above this Mumbai's crowd the city was too expensive, to get a proper meal you have to shed 200 bucks a minimum.. Eating out and living in Hotels in the first 10 days I spent around 10,000 bucks or more... Those were quiet a bad days I can say, till we looked out for an apartment and got settled in the city.. there were many issues even for small things... one can not get a local SIM card even without a "Local" Mumbai's document! :D Even passport was not working... later on we managed to get from the direct Reliance shop and Vodafone stores..

Office life was not a piece of cake as the ILP was!.. I faced the shit of corporate world and the bloody politics in the project teams and work culture.. I got a best project in Java so soon... but the atmosphere and team members were so bad... or I was just new to getting used to what usually happens in IT world! ;)... I switched one project... got another... that too core Java developement, considered too good... then unfortunately or fortunately (only time will tell)... I am released from that project too... right now I am enjoying the "sitting on bench" phase and getting salary without regularly requiring to go to office... :D
Waiting for my next allocation lets see what and when I get it... But one thing I have realised that in TCS your job is safe... it is thats why truely called ... "a sarkari company!"... :D

P.S: To accompany the above article with interesting images (that I chose to omit here :P), go visit my FB albums, Ofcourse you gotta be my friend for that! :D ToodleZ.

Update (15th July, 2012):

- Well only about 40% images are still available on Facebook, so I will append some good images here in the post itself soon, sad part is my hard disk is locked I need to get the data recovered from an expert to access those lovely images, so kindly bear with me! :P

- I have successfully completed an year in TCS with a good performance rating. :-)

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