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Jism2 Review & Rating by me (2/5)

Hi dudes & dudesess!
Wassup folks! Having great life?
Well I bet you all are having one! As its just a perception you know.

"Good life starts when you stop looking for a better one!"

Well atleast for me, this is the only funda of life. :)
Today I watched the movie- "Jism2"... managed to follow my much longed urge!
I was more keen as to see how our lady can actually ACT! ;)
So the reason was not Sunny Leone's hot & sexy body :P for me, but rather the curiosity to see her act, how actually is her acting, that I went to watch the movie!
The movie was a disappointment for me. Was more funny to me than of any other genre.
The story line is simply too weak or I must say nothing!
Yeah guys would remain hooked up due to steamy exposing scenes and intimate kisses scattered all along the movie! (maybe a plus for male race of human kind!) And of coarse, gladiator of her arena,  our lady just rocked those burning scenes!
What I actually liked is that Sunny Leone actually gave a nice try. I mean common, a lady from 'only a bed' sets to a complete 2-hour Bollywood movie, she really tried hell good man! (of coarse she has better body than any other present Bollywood Actress!) Her Hindi-speaking was good as well, yeah I meant lip movements only as her voice was dubbed! :D
I feel Sunny can get into the acting business pretty well! (she acted better than many Bollywood actresses, like Celina eg :P, in Jism2)
If it were a better script, movie might have done a bit better.
Few songs were really good!
Hooda (Kabir) was fine, not much opportunity in the role given to him maybe.
Arunoday (Ayaan) was flimsy yet tollerable!
Sunny was playing a role of a porn-star (not surprising!) in the movie as 'Inza'.
So overall rating for the movie, though a thumbs up for Sunny, is a 2 out of 5 for me.
Movie was not sex-centered, only intimate scenes and kisses but not that sex-stuffed as you might have assumed. Yeah Sunny is in sexy clothes and exposing all throughout the movie!
The funny part that I hardly can resist myself not sharing is that remarkably, as is shown in the movie, Sunny was not having no blood in her body! :P :D Well I can prove this, as is shown in the movie:
1. In one scene when Sunny proposes Huda, she gives him a letter written with her blood! But folks clad in shortest clothes I could not find a single spot of cut in her body (or hands)! Dunno whose or from where the blood came or if she was not having any in her body!
2. In the climax when she was shooted (on her back from behind in the center), there was a very small stain like you have dropped a drop of sauce on your T-shirt! Man! what non-sense! On the other hand Arunoday was gushing and bathing with blood with just one bullet on shoulder!
Did Sunny had any blood?! Mystery remains!
Also the last dialog of movie could not stop me from laughing, this was it-
"Huda (tossing coin, they are both dead and souls): swarg jana chahti ho ya narak?
Sunny: Agar tumhara sath na ho to swarg ka kya karna, tumhare sath to nark hi acchha ha"
These were not exact words as I wrote from my memory, but the sense was exact and meaning was the same!
Now you can clearly understand that Sunny feels either way, Huda will go to hell! Common Sunny! Huda was not that bad to you! :D lol

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