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Royal Enfield Bullet: Ultimate touring motorcycle in India!

For years all of us have heard Royal Enfield Bullet is the best bike for touring in India. Sure it's one of the oldest Motorcycle brands still in production and it is the largest capacity motorcycle in production in India till recently.

There is no arguing that it has ample torque (especially the 500cc version) or maybe the thunder bird twinspark (I love the sweetheart!) and you can load lots of luggage and have a pillion on board and still it wouldn't make much difference & ride as smooth as silk! Then it has the classic appeal and it has a large community of fanatic motorcyclists who swear by its name(cruiser is cruiser man!). Royal Enfield as a company has been promoting touring in India, which no other manufacturer is doing.

However on the negative side, its heavy, vibrates a lot and produced loud noise, but the latest versions are seriously improved & upgraded to curb these demerits. which makes you traveling for hours on end. Reliability was and still is so sound. Add to that, with the increased fuel tank capacity, it offers an edge compared to other motorcycles. Costs lot more then other motorcycle in production(the commuter segment bikes), maintenance costs and parts may be a bit costlier.

Still it is preferred by the majority of tourists coming to India and still remains a bling factor for most!! =)

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