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Past days log... :|

After a while now I am back with pen & paper (rather mouse & keyboard ;-) ...) to pen down something on my blog. I've been a bit involved for these days, to spare any time for blogging so...
On 7th this month I had the internals for final semester training's presentation. It didn't clicked well, as I per my expectation, but than expectations always kill you! The thing happened was like singing melody before a deaf. As my presentation subject was beyond the perceptions of my esteemed college teachers (or I must say the selected bimbos of college, specifically chosen for the task! ;-) ) who were mere acting as an object for distraction! :-p They didn't even got a slightest of idea of what I did in my project (Programming Radio frequency identification detection system on the VxWorks RTOS, the same OS that is used in Honda's ASIMO humanoid robot), & were not satisfied! But externals on 11th went par excellence, where the poor external examiner was speechless! :-D Now I am hoping for some descent marks, that's it, nothing more on it... My stay there was smooth, against the anticipations I was making, as I stayed at a friend's place @Ambala. & didn't had to live in the great place "Lalru!" ;-)

Now only one or two visits to college are left to collect the final mark sheet & the important thing, my engineering degree! :-D
Last days were not as rocking or party filled as I was expecting, some formal relations that were being carried forcibly were left behind, that might have carried away some good memories too... The good & true relations reflected shinning, that I can see shining ahead in life too...

Then I came back the sweet home. Got a new cellphone Nokia 5235. Again a small crap happened, that is making me think- have I repeated a mistake with buying Nokia?! As earlier also I faced some issues with Nokia 5233, (with mom now) though it is very fine now. I must say though Nokia has a sense for good engineering, they lack on the quality part still, if compared to global brands like Sony Ericsson, or Motorola. There seem to be no uniformity or standard in their products, still as I was not having more bucks I settled for Nokia. Hope to get a blackberry after job myself! ;-) Though Nokia phones are good, with good features, & I like them, but I am sincerely not a fan of Nokia!... Noway... I dream of a Sony Erricson Xperia, or Motorola Milestone or a Blackberry.... :-p
The issue I faced was with the display of my 5235, though 5235 seemed to be perfect in all respects after I purchased it from a Priority to be sure of quality, yes it is fine too, but as I placed both my 5235 & 5233 (older)... smash!... my happiness crashed! The "white" of my phone was paler than the "white" color of 5233 (No it's not an AD of Tide... ;-) ), that had really true & sharp contrast! This was disheartening but is not a reason enough to get me a replacement! :-( Though I am settled now as I don't have any affect of that difference, as my priority of usage is music, internet & office work & very less or least if I say I would use it for watching videos, though there won't be any pain in watching videos too, as the display actually has no issues, only the white is a bit pale, that's it! May be all 5235 had it, may be it is because 5235 is 80% made of recycled material, whatever, Nokia is not a brand for geeks!! ;-D

Also I had a small beer party with a friend here in Delhi, but there is nothing much to write, as nothing great happened. ;-)

Now a days I am involved in making a project for mom's school competition. It is robotic car with an robotic arm, all direction movements, remote controlled, it is almost done & have a power to lift upto 5kg load (or may be more!) :-D


  1. good stuff....hv started following u nw........:)

  2. thanx dear... both for ur appreciation as well as following my blog. =D


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