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The path of life is not so smooth... [Selfwritten]

Life is not so smooth...
Rather it is a boulevard...with lots of stones.
One such rock in my life came yesterday.
That shook my heart terribly.
Yesterday in morning I had a sessional, my first sessional of 7th semester.
Two exams were there back to back.
So in the morning I was preparing for it..so was my roommate- Mohit.
Now the thing what I do not understand ever is why in the blue hell whatever I ever say to him sounds like a sarcastic taunt to him.
We have lived for about past 3 years now.
It's only 2 months left for every thing...
This is a point that every body is settled with their lives..& there is no room that is easily available here.
The rent is quiet high...paid by us both, dividedly.
Now what happened yesterday is while I was studying outside room, & I just entered the room, I saw Mohit on my bed with his feet on my pillow.
Keeping feet on pillow was a bit wrong for me so I asked, normally -
"Mohit par hata le (Mohit remove your feet)"
Mohit- Hata lia! (Just adjusted the feet a few inches away, not changed his position or even removed the pillow)
My second line-
"Abbe hata le par" (Plain & loud tone, not at all harsh)
Mohit- Hata to hai! (Sitting same)
I thought not to extend it, said-
"Chal theek hai"
After a while I sitted on his bed... he said to keep a towel & sit.
I said let's move to our beds (ofcourse pillow thing was also the reason)
- No other talks -

He moved to college that day alone.
Both of our's exams were ruined.
& above all as usual he told his home all the story, adding that he is terribly frustrated & wanna end the life.
This is the enough big statement for any parent to be a hell lot of worried.
Leave what my image would have been now!
& his parents were willing to come there that time only...to get his room changed.
What even he was wanting I don't know from how long he was planning it.
Now at this point..all alone... I got terribly pissed off.
I was worried about living, my own hell bad image, & more over his parents worried .... that too because of me....for a lame reason!
There becomes some attachment too for the person that you've lived for three years!
I was really thinking if there is any God!
Cried that day 2 times.
Left all on the god.
I still have no clue what would happen...
May be I will live all alone, In this room only, with full rent by me!

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